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Five key strategies for ramping up valuation numbers

Getting a valuation is the first business step on the way to getting an instruction, so it's really annoying when you see a sale board go up and realise that you didn't get asked to value the property. Here are five key strategies for increasing the number of valuations you get.

1. Sponsorship

The key here is that you need to remember that this is about your clients’ interests, not yours. Despite the media coverage, only a minority of people in the UK follow football.. So while you may love it, and look forward to getting the kudos associated with sponsoring a local team, think about your typical client. How keen are they on football, or whatever other activity you are thinking of sponsoring? And how many valuations do you expect to achieve from ads around the ground?

You‘ll get more valuations from associating your name with good causes and organisations with a lot of community reach, such as schools, transport, hospitals, parks and so on.

2. Be part of the clients’ social space

This increasingly means being part of their social media space. Don't just think "Facebook". Try to segment your buyers or renters into social categories and match them to a social media platform. For example, if you have a lots of young urban professionals who rent flats near transport, LinkedIn is going to be a great place to reach out to them, although you would have to bear in mind that LinkedIn has markedly more male than female users.
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest - decide which you are going to use. Then try blog postings, Facebook articles, Pinterest boards, Tweets and Instagram pictures and see what gets the most response.

3. Give your readers a sense of urgency

You can use your website or social media to start nudging your readers, once Christmas is over. For example, start running blogs or articles about getting your house ready to sell - this will lead naturally into the offer of a free valuation as the culmination of the piece. Give some tips on when is the best time to put the house on the market, and start to instil a sense of urgency, for example: “With only four weeks to go until the 2018 house selling season kicks off in earnest …..”

4. Special offers

Why not offer a service or benefit along with the valuation? Perhaps you could give away a free copy of a book on home staging. Don’t forget to limit the offer to “the first twenty valuations booked this month” or something similar, to ramp up the excitement a little.

5. Bring out the competitor in your client

Clients need to be aware that other house sellers are competing for the same pool of buyers. Many people are innately competitive, so tell them, on social media and in your blog, that the race is gearing up for another year and they’d better move quickly to get a prompt valuation. Many of them will be motivated to call you for fear of missing out.

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Source: Nethouseprices 21/9/17

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