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Maintaining client relationships - a little effort goes a long way

It takes a lot of effort to attract clients, but hardly any to lose them. In fact, the less effort you make, the more likely your are to lose them! But if you can hang on to your clients, you have a ready-made customer base as a focus for your marketing efforts. So here are some tips on maintaining client relationships.

Don’t let them become strangers

Be a constant presence with your clients. Obviously not personally, because you don’t have time, but with the internet and social media, there's really no excuse for letting clients drift away because you don't keep in touch with them. They probably won't actively trawl your Facebook page or check your website, so choose e-mail and Twitter as key methods of communication.

Twitter is particularly good, because people can access it on their phone and it forces you to be very succinct in your messages. Use email when you have a message for one particular section of your client group, for example if you want to tell landlords that you have a new certified contractor that they can use.

Soft marketing - try newsletters and storytelling

People are far more willing to read stories about some great new service or product that you have, if it's wrapped around a story or an example of another client using it. Newsletters are great because they enable you to reach out to your clients with a subtle marketing message, rather than relying on them coming to you. They're ideal vehicles for the stories you want to tell.

Try to make most of your contacts positive

If, for example, you only ever contact a landlord when there's a problem with the plumbing, your name is going to have negative connotations. So try to make at least 50% of your communication positive, by contacting them regularly with news and offers, even if it’s only an invitation to drop into the office if you have one.

Treat your clients as individuals

Landlords in particular, are not a homogenous group. Some are in the lettings business completely by accident, perhaps because they've moved job and have had to let out the family home. For others, it's a profession and a business. Then there are those for whom it's just a way to get a little bit of extra income. These different groups will really appreciate it if your communications make it clear that you understand that they’re individuals rather than a mass of similar people.

Never lose sight of who is paying the bill

In any agency business, it is possible for loyalties to become divided. You may find a landlord a difficult character and their tenants a complete delight. However, when it comes to deciding between the landlord and tenant, although you must be fair, you must also remember that it is the landlord who is buttering your toast. If you always bear this in mind, your clients will trust you to look after their interests in the long-term and will come back to you with more business.

Source: Nethouseprices, 03/10/17

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