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Five tips for producing a great market commentary video

As with all communication, in order to be effective, a market commentary video has to address a specific audience. Buy-to-let investors have different interests from home buyers, and sharp market insights don’t come from a generalised approach to the subject matter.

People want authoritative information, so be sure to share knowledge and insight, not just opinions.

Presentation is key

A market commentary can be filmed entirely indoors if need be, and you can add some stock footage of property in your area as an opener or closer. The market commentary tends to focus on one or more experts, and one person may be talking to camera for several minutes. This means that presentation is very important. The way the commentator is dressed, how they talk to camera and their location are all important when it comes to creating an impression of a business that knows what it’s talking about. So no loud ties or fussy fabrics that the viewer will start staring at. Quiet, neutral clothes that are professional but not too formal are the order of the day. Lighting is important as well. If it’s too harsh, people will look as though they haven’t slept, and if it’s too soft, the impression will be too low key.

No need to shout

A normal tone of voice comes across better than the “shouty” tone that some commentators adopt. People make points clearly when they talk naturally - if you talk too quickly, you look nervous and amateurish. Find an impartial expert to tell you how you come across, and put right any nervous tics or problems in your presentation. Get a marketing agency like to review your initial effort.

Bear in mind that this is a series

You don’t just do one market commentary, so it’s important to put the date and financial quarter as an overlay somewhere. Make sure any links to the video also have the date and quarter in the title.

Use infographics and overlays to make figures count

A market commentary needs to be information rich, so an interview can be mixed with say, a sidebar highlighting figures or quotes. No one wants to sit through a blizzard of percentages, and most people will want a source for any figures that you’re quoting. A good technique is to take a fairly simple graph and talk about it in an informative way.

You can enrich the information by providing a transcript, or pointing to some authoritative reports in national newspapers. These links all help to build your authority by associating you with national names.

Mixing video with graphics in this way can be complicated, as can setting up the interview shots. Get help with this from an agency such as, who have expertise in market commentary videos. They can take the technical job off your hands, leaving you free to polish your commentary.

Some viewers want facts, others want reassurance

If your audience is buy-to-let investors, they are going want to see what the latest changes in government policy may mean for their current and future investments. They will be looking for facts.

However, an audience of potential house buyers might be worried about future interest rate rises. They may be seeking reassurance that buying a house is still a good idea. For them, a graphic showing house price rises plotted against interest rates over the long term may be a good idea. You can get specific sold house prices in your area on an infographic from

Source: Nethouseprices, 14/10/17

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