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Six key ingredients for the perfect corporate video

Corporate videos don't have the most exciting reputation. If you're going to the trouble of producing one, you want to make sure people watch it. So how do you give a professional impression, avoid gimmicks and still ensure that your video gets seen?

Decide why you are making the video

Firstly you need to make sure that you know what you want your video to achieve. Some reasons for making it might be to:
•       attract new clients
•       attract business financing from lenders
•       inform potential business partners about opportunities
•       tell people about your business values
•       let people know that you have just set up a new business
•       tell clients more about your company

Each of these reasons will affect the content, tone and footage in the corporate video.

Decide what messages you want to put across

You have made a start at defining your audience. Now you need to decide what key messages you want to get across and what impression you want the viewer to form of your business.

You may want to impress a potential business investor with your ability to grow the business, your experience and your pragmatic attitude. But to attract new buyers and sellers, you may want to emphasise friendliness, efficiency and energy.

If you get these things muddled up, you will end up with a video that doesn't do what you intended. It will be too corporate for clients and too customer-oriented for business investors.

Business is interesting - so tell the story

Stories engage people, so try to find the stories that underlie your business - perhaps you started out with one desk and a phone, and now you have half a dozen branches. Perhaps your growth has mirrored that of the city you are located in - whatever it is, try to give the business a bit of a backstory, or pose a question that you don’t answer until the end. Remember, you want people to keep watching.

Every town is full of property and lettings agents - what makes you different? You need to let people know, to give them a reason to do business with you. Be authentic, and share what you believe in.

Slice and dice several videos

It may be that you need several videos - a corporate one for business backers, an overview of the main locations and areas you operate in, plus a twice yearly market commentary. It’s actually a good idea to go to a property market specialist that produces videos, such as, and to plan all of these together.

If the audience for the area video is different from the corporate one, you can actually reuse a lot of footage. An agency can help you plan this out, so that a suite of videos gets produced as economically as possible.

Consider which channel to show it on

Potential investors are unlikely to access your video via YouTube, but on the other hand, potential homebuyers are. You can have different tabs on your website for property seekers, or for corporate viewers. You may want to embed the video in your company’s annual report, or to link to it from a business directory entry.

Take professional advice

Agencies like specialise in this kind of work and can give you sound advice that may save you money, if you are just at the “thinking about it” stage.

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Source: Nethouseprices 15/10/17

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