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7 stylish high-impact low-budget kitchen upgrades

Would you love to have a bespoke designer kitchen but simply don’t have the budget? Whether you’re starting with a blank canvas or are looking to transform your current lacklustre kitchen, you’ll be pleased to hear that it is absolutely possible to achieve that coveted designer look at a fraction of the cost.

Take inspiration from beautiful, bespoke kitchens in designer showrooms such as this one, and then go about recreating your own version but without breaking the bank.

We’ve put together some quick and clever tricks and ideas to show you how to re-energise and revamp a tired looking space. From affordable ways to update your kitchen units to investing in some fab new accessories, there are plenty of smart ideas you can use to give even the simplest of cooking spaces that chic designer touch – and all at budget friendly prices!

  1. Fit new cupboard doors

If you’re happy with the general layout of your kitchen and have standard size units, why not simply replace the cupboard doors? The result will be the look of a brand new kitchen but at a fraction of the cost of a total replacement.

Before committing to new cabinet doors, spend some time thinking about how you would like your ‘new’ kitchen to look, feel and function. Sometimes, it’s best to go plain and simple with the cabinets and coordinate the rest of the room accordingly.

And if new kitchen unit doors are a bit too far out of your budget, you could always add a fresh lick of paint for a whole new look, costing literally peanuts.

  1. Change the cabinet handles

Another way to revamp your kitchen cupboards at minimum cost is to replace the handles on cupboards and drawer fronts. You will be surprised at how the look of a kitchen unit or piece of furniture can be transformed by something as simple as a new handle or knob!

Give a classic cabinet a contemporary twist, or vice versa, with this simple interior design trick. Or instantly upgrade the look of your units by swapping bog standard, mass produced handles with quirky ceramic handles, chic cut glass knobs or designer door pulls and lift the look of the entire kitchen in no time.

  1. Use lighter colours

A lighter colour on the walls and cabinets has an instantly brightening effect on the whole kitchen. As more light is reflected, the room not only appears larger and cleaner, but also more expensive! As an added bonus, lighter hues will hide a multitude of sins including scratches, dents and dings on cabinets and worktops.

Go for a classic white, off-white or grey, particularly if you are upgrading a contemporary kitchen style.
Alternatively, traditional kitchens can look wonderful in soft pastels, exuding a more feminine vibe. Stay away from dark painted woods, or bold block colours such as pillar box red, aubergine, midnight blue, anthracite or black.

For a true designer look, try mixing different materials. White gloss cabinets and a wooden worktop, painted finishes and stone floors, bare brick walls with stainless steel appliances…

  1. Update your lighting design

Great lighting is one of the easiest ways to change the ambience in a room. Much more than simply illuminating the area, different lighting choices can be used to set the mood and define your style, highlighting specific areas of interest in your kitchen, and even make the space look bigger!

Check out any designer kitchen and you’ll find that lighting plays a big part. You can replicate their tricks of the trade and use recessed downlighters and add battery operated LED spotlights for effective task lighting. Replace standard pendant lights with a unique chandelier or unusual pendant light design to add personality and an element of the unexpected.

  1. Make a design statement

Take a bland kitchen from boring to adoring simply by adding a unique piece of freestanding furniture that makes a design statement. Whether you go for a quirky vintage dresser or a set of iconic designer chairs, it’s a clever way to combine functionality and design, while adding the element of surprise.

If there’s no space for furniture, how about creating a feature wall with standout wallpaper, or jazzing up a blank wall with carefully curated display storage? Open shelving is a cheap and effective way to show off your decorative china, unusual junk shop finds, books and perhaps a pot plant or two.

  1. Hang art on the wall

Even if you have no money for any improvements in your kitchen, an inspiring piece of art on a plain wall will do wonders for the appearance of your kitchen. Artwork is the perfect way to elevate any room – it adds personality and a stylish touch that is unique to your home.

The choice of wall art is entire yours. It doesn’t have to be an old master (but could be!) and neither does it have to be expensive. You might choose a cool framed print or huge pop art poster, an abstract painting, an old tapestry, modern wall decal or even a hand painted mural. A collection of old black and white photos might look stunning, as would a display of the kids’ art output.

  1. Style up your kitchen accessories

If you have no inclination or budget for heavy duty renovating, updating your kitchen accessories is a quick and easy way to add a fresh look and energy to the place. Designer kitchens tend to have carefully curated accessories to complete the overall look, so choose a style you love and stick with it.

From crockery and cookware to kitchen utensils and small storage solutions for the worktop or dining table, you could invest in affordable items and display them to full effect. Depending on the available space, why not add some greenery? From potted herbs on the windowsill to a gorgeous bouquet of flowers on the kitchen island, or a lush green floor-standing indoor palm, it will help to give your kitchen that designer feel.

Source: Annie Button, 08-August-2018

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