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Creative Ideas to Make Your Home More Stylish

Your home is your castle, and probably where you spend most of your time. It is important that every room within your home is comfortable, stylish, and most importantly a reflection of you, and how you live. If your rooms are looking a little bit too homely and lived in then do not panic as there are lots of things you can do that will make your home look more stylish, and the good news is they won’t take you too long to achieve.


From hexagonal-shaped mirrors to long and slim mirrors, it is possible to lighten up any space by using mirrors. You can make walls look fabulous and glam, especially if your mirrors feature a bit of bling, such as Swarovski crystals. It is possible to make a feature by using all sorts of shapes and sized mirrors. Miss matched mirrors add a stylish touch to any room, and what's even better is that mirrors reflect light meaning they are perfect for use in small spaces.

Statement Prints

Whether you go for bold statement wallpapers featuring large floral prints, or you add bold striped cushions and soft furnishings, you can make any space stylish by incorporating and using statement prints. Don't be afraid to use prints in any shape or form. When it comes to making a statement, the bolder the better (even within bijoux spaces).

New Art 

Bespoke art pieces and prints can become a real focal point of any home, and a real conversation starter. Pick art that you love and will cherish for years to come and not just pieces that you think other people will like. Good art should reflect you the buyer, so keep this in mind. Also, remember that art doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. There are local artists around you creating fantastic pieces all the time, all you have to do is get in touch with them and see what they may have for you, or even better what you can have commissioned.

Focus on your Kitchen

Known as the heart of the home your kitchen is often the most used, and most loved room in your house. Sometimes the love you have for your kitchen shows a bit too much, especially if your worktops are full of random things that have accumulated over the week, or the paintwork is looking past its best. Your cabinets and cupboards may also be lacking that wow factor they once had. The good thing is that kitchens can be spruced up. For example, you could do away with those old splashbacks and get new ceramic wall tiles installed, or you could change that damaged lino for stylish and hardwearing porcelain floor tiles laid by professional tiling contractors in Liverpool. Worktops could be easily changed, you could go for that gloss marble effect that you have always wanted and which will instantly lift the space. If you have MDF cabinets or wooden cabinets the good news is you can freshen and brighten these up with a coat of paint. To achieve success when painting cupboards preparation is important as is the paint you use.


Lighting can make or break a space. If your room is too dark or poorly lit you will not want to spend time in it, so, with this in mind why not install some stylish downlights or statement crystal chandeliers that draw in the eye. Warm lighting can help any space look stylish even on a dull grey day. Table lamps can make a space feel warm and cozy. Daylight LED warm white light bulbs can make a space look clinical, especially if the decor is all white or light, so it is about finding the right balance, to ensure your room looks stylish and lived in not clinical and cold.

Sort out your Bathroom 

You don't have to go changing the suite unless of course, you have a burgundy suite that you just don't like anymore! Instead, focus on the accessories. How you accessorize a bathroom means you can take it from bland to stylish and sumptuous. Use good quality thick towels and well-made accessories such as toilet roll holders and toothbrush holders. These things may sound small, but when you put them together, you will quickly notice it is the small details that make a space more stylish. Don't forget to add stylish touches to your downstairs toilet if you have one, as this is probably one of the first rooms guests and visitors will see, and it sets the tone for the rest of your home. So, give it that wow factor, and accessorize it in the same way you have done your bathroom.

Focus on Storage and Lose the Clutter

Stylish spaces are organized, clean and free from clutter, so, with this, in mind it is time to have a good old clearout. Get rid of things that you are harboring or holding onto. If items are broken, or no longer useful then bin them, or if they are in good condition sell them or donate them to charity. Good quality storage can be stylish too. From built-in wall storage to storage under the stairs or bedroom. Look at the spare space you have within your house, and see how you can best utilize it, to ensure you get the most storage space possible. To keep on top of the clutter that builds on a daily basis (especially within a family home) then spend at least 10 minutes every day sorting stuff out, putting it where it belongs, or putting it in the bin. Keeping on top of the daily clutter will ensure you keep your home looking and feeling stylish.

Before embarking on any project or improvement within your home it is wise to create a design board. Putting together ideas, features, and items that you like can help you plan out how to achieve the style you want to achieve within your rooms. A design board will also allow you to work out how much your plans will cost you. You should work out a rough budget before you start any project. Even if you don’t stick to a budget it is always a good idea to know roughly how much things will cost you.


Source: 18/02/2021

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