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  • Selling to a Cash Buyer, What to Consider

    There is a huge range of reasons people need to sell their homes quickly, such as a house sale falling through, needing to sell an inherited or second property, relationship breakdown, wanting to avoid house viewings, needing to pay off debts quickly, relocating for work or being unable to sell a property with a short lease or in a bad state of repair on the open market. If this sounds like you, a professional property buyer could be the answer – here’s how to choose a company which will treat you fairly.

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  • How to Sell Your Home Quickly – Open Property Group

    Property, like anything, can be affected by your personal circumstances. You may therefore be in a situation whereby you have to sell your home quickly due to a change in your life situation but, you will still want to do it properly through a reputable company. Are you selling to a professional buyer with cash? Who should you contact if you're struggling with mortgage payments? Whatever you do, don’t panic if you need to sell quickly, make sure you do your research and contact the right people for advice, avoiding those who will try to take advantage of you, by lowering their offer at the last moment.

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  • Trading up to a bigger home – Humberts

    If you're ready to move up the property ladder for the second, third or even fourth time there's still no room for complacency. Research needs to be done as the buying and selling process is changing and you need to be well prepared for the legal process as well as ensure you have covered your costs properly. This guide will help you work out how much it will cost to buy and sell? How many agents should value your home? Should you accept an offer before making one?

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