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Nethouseprices are delighted to have partnered with Kate Faulkner, one of the UK’s top property experts, to bring you the best help and advice for your property project or help solving a problem.

Kate is the author of property books for Which? the consumer organisation and is regularly featured in the media, commentating on the property market and giving advice on every type of residential property project or problem.

Kate and her team at have sourced the very best companies and organisation to partner with to bring you independent, up to date advice and help. So whatever you need to know, they will have a checklist or article to help or you can even ask them for help directly through their Contact Us or Forum.

These Buy to Let quick checklist guides will help you through the property investment and management minefield!

  • How to Choose a Builder – The Home Improvements Guarantee

    Before choosing a builder and getting a quote make sure you know all the work you want carrying out. Is there anything restricting what works can be done on your property? Is your builder a member of a trade organisation and is their membership up to date? Remember to be wary of offers to do work for cash as you may not be able to claim against them if something goes wrong. Understand what is and isn't included in each quote you receive and, if possible, visit other properties where the builder has done jobs.

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  • How to Avoid a Rogue Trader – Checkatrade

    Although rogue traders are an absolute menace, doing shoddy work and costing innocent people their hard earned money, it is a lot easier to avoid them in today’s world. All you need to do is use trusted sites such as Checkatrade to help and find a tradesperson that is a member of a trade organisation which offers guarantees, warranties and a free complaints system. Find out if they are registered as a sole trader or limited company. Do they charge VAT? Are they registered with Companies House? All of these things are good news as it suggests they are a legitimate company that abides by the rules. Never use a company that offers to take ‘cash in hand’ to ‘save tax’ as although this is tempting it means you have no receipts and the work isn’t protected should it go wrong which would cost you much more than any short term savings.

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  • Van Hire – Europcar

    If you're moving home it's highly likely that you'll need to hire a van at some point to move your belongings from one place to the next. Firstly you must be over 22 to hire a van and 25 to do so with no surcharge and have a driving license, insurance and a utility bill to confirm your identity. You will need to check with your insurance company if any extra insurance is required. To work out what size of van you need to hire, write down your list of items and discuss it with a van hire expert. Do you need to hire a van for a whole day or just a morning? What time does your van hire company open and close? Are there any hidden fees? Remember to factor in time for breaks and multiple trips when deciding how long to hire a van for. If you do damage the van, inform the company as soon as possible.

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  • Storing your belongings – Big Yellow

    The first thing you'll need to do when storing your belongings is compile a list of the items that you plan to store. Will you need packing materials? Access outside the reception hours of the storage facility? How will you get your stuff there? Most storage facilities will be able to recommend a local van hire company. Finally check what security the facility has and make sure it is sufficient to keep your property safe. Don’t just dump your valuable stuff anywhere, make sure it’s the right place, clean, tidy above all safe!

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  • How to run in your New Build – LABC Warranty

    Moving in to a new build property isn't as simple as getting the keys and moving in! New builds have to 'run in', just as you need to get used to living in a house, a house has to get used to being lived in.

    So, this checklist tells you the key steps to take to ‘run in’ your new build successfully so you are less likely to end up with problems after a few months/years. Things like allowing the property to ‘dry out’ and ensure condensation doesn’t build up but is taken away from the property through air vents and extractors. To avoid shrinkage and cracking in a new build, make sure you don’t leave the heating on too high and if redecorating, use a quality filler.

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  • Choosing a Surveyor and Type of Surveyor – SurveyMyHome

    Most people will have heard the term 'property survey' but not everyone, in our experience fully understands what they entail. Did you know for example a mortgage valuation from the lender is NOT a survey? What you need over and above this is a:

    • Home condition survey – useful to check what remedial costs are needed, such as the roof, windows, doors

    • Homebuyers report – checks the property condition and also provides an independent valuation of what the property is worth

    • Building survey – for old or non-standard properties to assess if it’s structurally safe and provide costs to cover any works required now and in the future

    Not sure which survey you need? Contact us and we’ll help, but whatever you do, don’t try to save money on surveys as it can cost you dearly in the future.

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  • How to choose a leasehold legal expert – Association of Legal Enfranchisement Practitioners (ALEP)

    There is lots of important information you need to know about when buying a residential leasehold property such as a flat and you need to make sure you have specialist legal help. Key questions required are: how long is the length of the lease? Can you extend the freehold? How much is the service charge and ground rent, how much might they increase by? Ideally organise a legal company that is a member of ALEP? Making sure you have the answers to these questions can make sure you avoid some real leasehold legal minefields.

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  • Quick Guide to Buying and Selling Legals – Society of Licensed Conveyancers

    Not all of us are legal experts by any means so it's vital to get the right advice when buying or selling a home. Moving house is a big deal with lots of money and emotion involved so it's vital to be prepared and get things done properly. Don't just pick the first legal company you see on google or the one that appears to be the cheapest. One could lose you your property sale/purchase, the other could end up costing you far more in the long run! Make sure your quote includes ALL the costs and keep the legal contact details always to hand, being able to answer any queries they have or fill in paperwork as soon as possible. Finally, if you are purchasing a buy to let, new build or leasehold property, for example, make sure the legal company has the specialist knowledge you need.

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  • New Build Homes Snagging – LABC Warranty

    When you buy a new build your developer will ask you to perform a takeover inspection of the property and you need to know what to look out for. Have all the builder’s materials been removed? If there is a garden is it clean and tidy? Inside the home is the plastering smooth? Does the floor creak excessively and is the wall tiling sealed. Outside, fences should be completed, paths & drives should have an even finish and gutters should be securely fixed. These are just a selection of things that should be ready when you move into a new our essential checklist.

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  • How to Organise a Bridging Loan – Brooklands

    A bridging loan can be helpful in number of circumstances from downsizing to auction purchases and can be arranged in a matter of days. They are for short term finance, usually between 1 day and 18 months and due to the complex nature of bridging loans the use of commercial finance broker is encouraged. You should choose a broker who is FCA regulated and a member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers. You then need to ask yourself – How much do you want to borrow? Does the lender charge an exit fee? Is there a minimum term? Our helpful guides will make sure you start the process in the right way.

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