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Luxury Furniture: How to Store It Correctly

Luxury furniture is an investment. It’s something that you purchase, or perhaps inherit, and then it requires specific care and maintenance to ensure it stays in tip-top shape. So what happens if you don’t currently have room for your luxury furniture but you don’t want to get rid of it? Storing your furniture is usually an excellent option and gives you that peace of mind that it’s there when you want it. But with that said there are some tips on how to go about storing your luxury furniture properly. The last thing you want is to leave it in storage for months or years, only to find it ruined when you take it out of storage.

So, let’s examine how you can store your luxury furniture properly.

Find a Nearby Storage Solution

The first tip is to find a nearby storage solution. You don’t want to be moving the pieces far, as this will risk damaging them. Not only that but having the storage nearby means you can check up on the pieces whenever you feel like it. 

Ensure the Storage Unit is the Right Size

The size of the storage unit will also be an important factor. Choosing a storage unit that is too small and forces the furniture to be jammed up next to each other can also cause damage over time. The furniture needs to be stored safely and with adequate space between items.

How much space is needed? Safestore is a storage unit company that offers units that are ideal for furniture storage. You can use its online sizing guide to help you figure out what size is right for your needs. You can also give them a call and speak to a customer service representative who can offer guidance on what size would be best. If you want a quick quote, this can also be done online.

Clean the Furniture Before Storing It

Now that you’ve arranged where you will be storing your furniture, it’s time to prepare it for storage. Giving your furniture a good clean is important before you transport it. This could mean polishing it, dusting it, removing wood stains, and so forth.

Use Protective Measures When Moving and Storing the Items

Next, it’s time to consider how you will protect the items during transport and while being stored. Covering furniture with drop cloths or specific furniture covers is an excellent way to protect the surfaces, keep dust and dirt off, and ensure the pieces stay in pristine condition.

The Transport of Furniture Requires Careful Measures

As for actually transporting the furniture from your home to the storage unit, this should be a carefully planned out process. You need to have a vehicle large enough to transport the items, again without having them crammed against each other, the furniture needs to be properly secured so it doesn’t bounce around, and ideally, you want to find the most direct route possible. The less time spent in transit, the better it will be for the furniture.

If the weather happens to be an issue on the day you have set up the transport, be sure to protect the furniture. For example, if it’s raining and you are moving wood pieces – they should be covered with a waterproof tarp or cover. Should the pieces get wet, make sure you dry them off thoroughly when you arrive at the storage unit.

Some of the Most Effective Measures

These are some of the most effective measures you can take when figuring out how to store your luxury furniture. Remember, taking these extra steps will help to preserve your investment for many years to come.

Source: 08/04/2021

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