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Nethouseprices are delighted to have partnered with Kate Faulkner, one of the UK’s top property experts, to bring you the best help and advice for your property project or help solving a problem.

Kate is the author of property books for Which? the consumer organisation and is regularly featured in the media, commentating on the property market and giving advice on every type of residential property project or problem.

Kate and her team at have sourced the very best companies and organisation to partner with to bring you independent, up to date advice and help. So whatever you need to know, they will have a checklist or article to help or you can even ask them for help directly through their Contact Us or Forum.

These Buy to Let quick checklist guides will help you through the property investment and management minefield!

  • How to get started in Buy to Let

    Buy-to-let has changed. It’s no longer the domain of armchair investors – you need to treat it as a business and take a professional approach if you want to succeed. These tips will help you assess whether investing in property is right for you and, if so, approach your new venture with your eyes open and with defined goals, so you can find the best property for you and your tenants.

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  • How to find a compatible flatmate

    Sharing your home with a stranger can be the start of a beautiful friendship, or a nightmare from start to finish. It’s not as simple as just finding someone to share your bills – your personalities need to match, too. You might not want to rent your spare room to a party animal if you favour quiet nights in front of the TV, so here are some tips which help you vet potential roommates until you find the one who will fit into your life perfectly.

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  • Mortgage application checklist for portfolio landlords

    Applying for a mortgage when you have a portfolio of properties is very different to borrowing for a home you plan to live in. Among other things, you’ll need evidence of your other income, a business plan and cashflow forecasts. To speed up the process, it helps if you gather all the necessary paperwork beforehand. Mortgages for Business have put together this checklist so don’t miss anything vital.

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  • Working with an architect

    Planning a big project? To get the most out of working in an architect, you need to do your research, plan your budget carefully and make sure you communicate all your needs. This checklist, from Urbanist Architecture, will help you clarify your thoughts and get your dream project up and running.

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  • How to secure a UK guarantor - Housing Hand

    If you are renting a home and need a guarantor, you can face problems if you have nobody able to act for you, or if your family are abroad. International students in particular may struggle to rent property in the UK without a UK guarantor. Fortunately, there are services available to help you and the experts at Housing Hand have put together this checklist to guide you through the process.

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  • Financing a shared ownership property - Ash Ridge Finance

    Shared ownership is an increasingly popular way of getting onto – or moving up - the housing ladder in high price areas. It enables you to buy a share of a property and pay subsidised rent on the remainder. Ash-Ridge Private Finance is a company of fee-free mortgage advisers which works closely with housing associations to help people with affordable housing schemes such as shared ownership. They’ve created this guide to shared ownership finance to help you get started.

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  • Your guide to choosing a boiler

    A new boiler is a big investment, and there is a huge range available, which can make choosing the right model extremely daunting.  To help you spend your money wisely, the experts at Hassle Free Boilers have created a checklist which will guide you through the options available, while considering the needs of your household and property. There’s also advice on choosing an engineer who will fit your boiler safely.

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  • Plumbing checks to make on your home - Watersafe

    We all encounter teething problems when we move into a new home, but plumbing problems can be among the most daunting. If you’re faced with a leak in a still unfamiliar property, the last thing you want is to be scrabbling around for the stop tap in the dark. The experts at WaterSafe have some tips for checks you’d be wise to carry out on your new home – or any home – to prevent problems occurring in future.

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  • Top 10 tips for managing a successful let - Hunters Estate Agents

    Managing a rental property is not for the faint-hearted and, for this reason, many landlords prefer to put their properties in the safe hands of a qualified letting agent, who will be up-to-date with the ever-changing rules and regulations and keep you on the right side of the law. Whether you choose to manage your properties yourself, or use an agent’s management service, this checklist, compiled by Hunters Estate Agents, will help ensure your properties are safe, your tenants are happy and that you’ve taken all necessary precautions to avoid problems.  

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  • Choosing a law firm - Bonallack & Bishop

    Buying a property to let out is not the same as buying a home for you to live in yourself, so make sure you choose specialists to help you. Many solicitors who deal with residential property will have no experience of rental properties, so look for a law firm with the right knowledge and expertise. Solicitors Bonallack & Bishop have created this checklist to help you ask the right questions so you can choose the best firm for the job.  

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